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What do ‘Advisories’ Mean After your Car’s Service or MOT?

Cars will sometimes come out of a service or MOT with a list of advisories. This is a list of work that might need doing in the near future and it is the garage’s way of making you aware of this.

Make sure you read the list carefully as it will contain some important information. Take the time to fully understand each of the points. Some will be more important than others. For example, it may be advised that you should replace your tyres after a certain number of miles. This, however, isn’t necessarily essential and wouldn’t prevent your car passing its MOT. It is simply advisable and you should seriously consider doing it in the near future.

Some points will be more serious, for example, getting your brake pads replaced. These can cause serious problems if they are not replaced after a certain number of miles (this will vary from vehicle to vehicle).

Tom / February 5, 2017 / Cars