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What Could Be Wrong with you Steering?

There are lots of problems that can occur with a car’s steering system. Some are common and easy to solve whilst others may take a little bit of extra care.

One of the most common reasons for heavy or laboured steering is actually nothing to do with the steering system at all. It could be to do with the tyres, which can become worn down and might begin to skid on the road. The first port of call is to get your tyre tread and pressure checked.

Another common cause is leaking power steering fluid. The steering might feel heavy and make a grinding, crunching sound. Check for fluid leaks underneath the vehicle when you get out. Get this sorted straight away, before the car is left with no steering fluid.

You may also have problems with alignment or, more seriously, hoses or the drive belt. If you notice any unusual noises, take the car into a garage.

Tom / October 28, 2017 / Cars