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The Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is a reliable car that’s perfect for a small family. You get the same petrol engine as a Volkswagen Golf GTI to it certainly packs some power and ferocity when it’s needed. The design is really nice too and it’s quite amazing to see how far Skoda has come over the last few years.

The Octavia really does feel like a serious car; it’s stylish, big and aerodynamic and it’s certainly the most popular Skoda motor on the market. You get a great deal of boot space so the weekly shopping is an easy errand, while the cabin is comfortable and it’s kitted out with all of the electrical you’d need.

The dazzling infotainment system will ensure you’ve got the entertainment at your disposal for a long journey, but this motor does come at a price, and it’s certainly not the cheapest hot hatchback by a long stretch.

Tom / April 7, 2016 / Cars