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The 2015 Ford Super Duty Pickup

We may not even be halfway through the year of 2014, but there are plenty of cars to look forward too. The Super Duty Pickup is one of the most popular trucks on the market, and today and perhaps that’s because it’s one of the biggest. It’s built to be extremely heavy duty and hard wearing, and many contractors and builders may opt to use this truck for their daily work.

The Super Duty pickup offers reliability, and it’s actually extremely attractive. The extremely large grill on the front offers the car a mean look, while there are 15 different models to choose from. The F540 Platinum is built for heavy trailers, and it can maintain control simply with adjusted engine power and breaking.

It also has tailgate assist and quick release, while the satin chrome grille adds that extra touch of class. Ford pickups have been some of the most popular for years and the 2015 Super Duty is something many men will be waiting to get their hands on.

admin / April 24, 2014 / Cars