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Professional Car Servicing: An Annual Service for your Vehicle

Car servicing and MOTs can seem similar in some ways and this can make car owners question whether both are necessary. An MOT is the legal part of car ownership that you need to take care of if you do have a vehicle in your name; this will need to be performed every year once the car is over a certain age. When the car passes its MOT this means that it is deemed to be in good condition, and it is legal and roadworthy.

A service, on the other hand, is not a legal requirement of car ownership. A car should also be serviced regularly though the check its condition and to ensure that oil has been changed, tyre pressure and steering have been checked, and the car is generally in the best condition it can be to be driven on UK roads. A service is important for peace of mind, and for car longevity.

Tom / November 26, 2020 / Cars