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It is essential to check car oil levels before starting a long journey

Before a car use sets off for their prolonged journey, it is highly recommended that they check their oil levels before they leave, just to ensure that you don’t run the risk of burning out your engine. We recommend that as a car owner, you carry a small tub of engine oil in the boot of your car which means that if the time did arise that your engine ran out of oil, then you are easily able to top it up on the side of the road if you were to breakdown.  If you ignore this advice then your engine may begin to degrade and may suffer with collection of lots of carbon deposits within. Driving without adequate oil levels may even cause serious breakdown of engine due to... Read More »

Tom / March 3, 2015 / Cars

Bugatti Veyron – Recently revealed a new model

If you don’t know already, the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is renowned for being the most expensive super car available to buy worldwide. Coming it at over £1,000,000 to buy in the UK, the car is a mid-engined sports car which was originally developed and manufactured in Germany by the Volkswagen Group. Some areas of France also see certain parts of the manufacturing process that this car goes through. Not only of it’s hefty price tag, but the Bugatti Veyron is also the fastest supercar you can buy (that is road legal) and available to drive on UK roads. The latest model can now see road users reach up to 267mph, a speed which no-one could ever achieve on a UK road (due to the mass amount of traffic and... Read More »

Tom / February 17, 2015 / Cars

Car Air Fresheners – Do they really last?

A car can become quite smelly after a time, especially if the owner of that vehicle tends to eat hot food, which is a no no for keeping a new smell in. Takeaways of the spicy variety tend to linger a scent the longest out of all other takeaways and this may cause a drive to go out a purchase an air freshener. Their are a variety of models, smells, shapes and sizes of air fresheners all with their benefits and negatives. The prices of these can also drastically vary from the typical £0.50 cardboard soaked fresheners to that of £3.99 clip on gel systems. The only unfortunate thing about air fresheners is that they don’t tend to last for a long time and users end up complaining the about... Read More »

Tom / January 23, 2015 / Accessories

Winter Tyres for Winter Roads

You may have already noticed in your area that the roads are bit slippery, especially in the mornings and late in the evenings, and if you’re finding your car a bit difficult to control then you may want to opt for some winter tyres. All leading manufacturers have winter tyre ranges, and these tyres are specifically designed to combat wet weather. The grooves channel ice, snow and water, and they offer you a tremendous amount of grip. Take the Continental TS 830 as an example, this particular tyre benefits from a high number of blocks in the shoulder area with more gripping edges, meaning it can cut snow more effectively while high block rigidity in the tread pattern offers advanced breaking in poor conditions. Winter tyres can give you the... Read More »

admin / November 27, 2014 / Cars

The New VW Passat Saloon

The Volkswagen Passat Saloon is simple, smart, comfortable and fuel efficient, and that’s why many people use this car for pleasure and business purposes. It’s fair to say that the Passat has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, especially in terms of styling. There are stunning curves on the body, sporty lights and clean lines, while the interior design is really something special. You’ll feel as though you’re driving a high spec Mercedes or BMW, and the fact that this car costs half the price is the main reason it’s becoming so popular. The Passat is reliable, speedy when it needs to be and a pleasure to drive, while technology is really up to speed. You also get an incredible infotainment display, with all the essentials... Read More »

admin / November 20, 2014 / Cars