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Maintaining The Looks of Your Exhaust

We all know how important looks are of your precious car. Polishing the tips of your cars exhaust will not only complete the look of your car, but will also protect it from corrosion and other forms of build up. When cleaning the exhaust tip, we recommend using a degreaser and a metal polish. To start off, soak the tips with the degreaser and let the chemicals work its magic. Use a cleaning brush after a few minutes and start cleaning inside and outside the exhaust tip. After you’ve dried it off, it’s time to polish the exhaust. For this we recommend you polish using a steel wool for the first polish and then a microfiber cloth for the second. After you’re done, we guarantee you’ll see a massive difference.

Tom / August 7, 2016 / Cars

Servicing Your Car AC

Cars with Air Conditioning are great, but the last thing you want on a hot summers day is turning on your air conditioning to find weak airflow coming through your vents. There could be one of many reasons for weak airflow coming from your AC, below we list three of the top causes. One of the most common reasons is blower house which supplies air coming loose. Mold accumulating in the evaporator core from moisture happens during the cooling process. Too much mold accumulating means that air will have trouble reaching your air vents. Air also doesn’t flow well if the fan isn’t blowing. A ventilation fan being worn out is usually another reason for weak airflow.

Tom / June 5, 2016 / Accessories

Smart ForFour

From the same makers of the smart car, people might expect it to be a particularly small car, and it is, but it isn’t much smaller than the equivalent VW, at only 5cm smaller. The Forfour offers a number of advantages for drivers living in urban areas, namely its small size, great fuel efficiency and smallest turning circle in its class. It uses space very efficiently, proving more interior space than most of its direct competitors, such as in boot space, and although it does sacrifice in size to an extent, the smaller turning circle makes up for this, allowing drivers to still park in much smaller spaces than in alternatives.

Tom / May 17, 2016 / Cars

The Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is a reliable car that’s perfect for a small family. You get the same petrol engine as a Volkswagen Golf GTI to it certainly packs some power and ferocity when it’s needed. The design is really nice too and it’s quite amazing to see how far Skoda has come over the last few years. The Octavia really does feel like a serious car; it’s stylish, big and aerodynamic and it’s certainly the most popular Skoda motor on the market. You get a great deal of boot space so the weekly shopping is an easy errand, while the cabin is comfortable and it’s kitted out with all of the electrical you’d need. The dazzling infotainment system will ensure you’ve got the entertainment at your disposal for a long... Read More »

Tom / April 7, 2016 / Cars

OEM Car Seats

When too many different aspects of a vehicle become modified over time, it can feel nothing like the original and it can be nice to go back to square one with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) car seats. Whether you have a classic Zephyr with bench seats or a big bulky transit van you may want the original seats for that classic comfort and style, and these seats can be found online. Many car restores make finding OEM car seats their priority, and it essentially means the interior is one step closer to looking like it’s supposed to, and without properly fitted, accurately sized car seats you can ruin into issues. Some people looking to make their car sportier will d3ecide on racing seats and bucket seats but over time... Read More »

Tom / March 15, 2016 / Accessories