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What do ‘Advisories’ Mean After your Car’s Service or MOT?

Cars will sometimes come out of a service or MOT with a list of advisories. This is a list of work that might need doing in the near future and it is the garage’s way of making you aware of this. Make sure you read the list carefully as it will contain some important information. Take the time to fully understand each of the points. Some will be more important than others. For example, it may be advised that you should replace your tyres after a certain number of miles. This, however, isn’t necessarily essential and wouldn’t prevent your car passing its MOT. It is simply advisable and you should seriously consider doing it in the near future. Some points will be more serious, for example, getting your brake pads... Read More »

Tom / February 5, 2017 / Cars

What the ‘Check Engine’ Light Could Mean

The first thing to check is the gas cap if your model has one. You may have forgotten to tighten it properly the last time you filled up at a station. When the cap is loose, it sends a message to the system of a leak in the vapor recovery system, part of the vehicle’s emissions. Other common problems which trigger the Check Engine Light includes sensors and spark plug wires. A more serious issue occurs when there is damage to the catalytic converter. In this case, the light may flash rather than burn steadily. The flashing light indicates a more serious problem that should be dealt with right away. The vehicle may be misfiring, which will also lead to a flashing light because it can damage the catalytic converter.... Read More »

Tom / October 9, 2016 / Cars

Proper Oil Filter Maintenance and Replacement

While we agree with oil companies’ advice to change oil filters when you change the oil, there’s a difference in opinion on how often this should occur. Unless you’re driving an antique vehicle with an almost prehistoric engine system that doesn’t filter debris as efficiently, the 3,000-mile rule is a myth. Every vehicle is a little different, but the average amount of miles to wait is closer to about 7,500. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper oil filter maintenance for your vehicle. While a lot of things can trigger the Service Engine light to come on, it’s a good idea to rule out the simpler potential causes before plunking a lot of money down for diagnostics and repairs. When that light is illuminated, it indicates the engine system isn’t... Read More »

Tom / September 9, 2016 / Cars

Maintaining The Looks of Your Exhaust

We all know how important looks are of your precious car. Polishing the tips of your cars exhaust will not only complete the look of your car, but will also protect it from corrosion and other forms of build up. When cleaning the exhaust tip, we recommend using a degreaser and a metal polish. To start off, soak the tips with the degreaser and let the chemicals work its magic. Use a cleaning brush after a few minutes and start cleaning inside and outside the exhaust tip. After you’ve dried it off, it’s time to polish the exhaust. For this we recommend you polish using a steel wool for the first polish and then a microfiber cloth for the second. After you’re done, we guarantee you’ll see a massive difference.

Tom / August 7, 2016 / Cars

Servicing Your Car AC

Cars with Air Conditioning are great, but the last thing you want on a hot summers day is turning on your air conditioning to find weak airflow coming through your vents. There could be one of many reasons for weak airflow coming from your AC, below we list three of the top causes. One of the most common reasons is blower house which supplies air coming loose. Mold accumulating in the evaporator core from moisture happens during the cooling process. Too much mold accumulating means that air will have trouble reaching your air vents. Air also doesn’t flow well if the fan isn’t blowing. A ventilation fan being worn out is usually another reason for weak airflow.

Tom / June 5, 2016 / Accessories