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New Tyres or New Wheels?

Cars experience wear and tear over time, and there will be general rules about when you should change your tyres depending on the age of the vehicle and the number of miles you have driven. It’s important you adhere to these instructions to make sure you car and the tyres are safe. Sometimes, you may quite obviously need new tyres if you experience a puncture or a slow puncture. If your tyres are gradually losing pressure, monitor them and check they are safe, and replace the tyres if needs be.

If your car experiences some further damage to the wheels, these may need to be replaced too. This might be the case if you have been involved in a car accident, or if you have driven into a kerb and the wheel has been damaged or dented. If you’re not sure what your car needs, always get a professional opinion about vehicle repairs.

Tom / September 20, 2020 / Cars