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Modern Car outlook: An emerging technological advanced industry

With the emerging technology trends and urbanisation, technology has given new direction of the car industry. Following are some important equipment that is a must to any modern car.

Technologies That Define Modern Cars

1. Key /Push Button Everything- A simple device that lets you lock and unlock a car, without a key.

2. Smartphone Integration- Now with a smart phone integrated in your car, you can access anything you feel like.  First it was just audio and Bluetooth, but now it’s going to be integrated with apple’s CarPlay.

3. Infotainment- You can get directions, play music, find about restaurants, see behind you, tweet and control the HVAC all on one screen.

4. Crash Protection- Crash protection is the most important features while car designing as it literally shapes the cars we drive.  Size and complexity of the car needs to be taken care of  for horsepower and lightness, even for things like blind spot monitoring and reverse cameras.

Tom / July 7, 2015 / Accessories