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How do you Know if Mileage is Accurate?

Buying a new car is filled with difficult decisions, especially if you do not buy from an official dealer. How do you know that all the information is accurate? Is the car as reliable as you think it will be?

One thing that people particularly worry about is the mileage. It is fairly easy for a previous owner to change to mileage and to make it look as though the car has fewer miles on the clock than it actually does.

Spotting a car that has been clocked isn’t easy but there are certainly some warning signs you can look out for. Firstly, see whether the condition of the car matches up with the supposed mileage. If the car is in good condition, free from scrapes and damage with pedals and switches that still look quite new, it is likely that the mileage is accurate. If you have your suspicions, have a history check completed on the car. This will alert you to issues like thefts and previous damage.

Tom / November 24, 2017 / Cars