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Choosing a Telematics Box as an Employer

A telematics box can help you to know more about the way your staff members are driving their company vehicles. A telematics box will be fitted to the car to monitor speed and braking patterns, showing you how well your employee is driving. You may decide to fit them in all of your vehicles in order to keep a record of how they are being used.

A telematics box can be a good incentive if you choose to use them in this way. You can give staff members who drive well rewards and find ways to improve driving habits throughout the company. If people are breaking the law with the speed of their driving, the box will flag this up. You may decide to send them on a safer driving course if you feel like will be an appropriate course of action. You can also keep better track of your vehicles and their mileage.

Tom / August 29, 2017 / Cars