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Checking Tyre pressure and general car maintenance to improve longevity

If you think you are not compatible to take care of your car and don’t want to take the simple responsibility of car maintenance, you better perk yourself up a little. Doing little maintenance work is not a big deal especially when they consume less time and also saves cost to a considerable extent. Cleaning brake dust almost regularly, checking tyre pressure, checking the tread depth, checking the belts, checking fuel economy, checking the oil level, checking the coolant level, keeping the car body in excellent condition like polishing the same using correct burnishing oil.

There are few other things which you can efficiently take care of in your house like connecting and disconnecting the car battery, when one blinker is flashing faster compare to the other one, checking the engine light, checking the brake warning light, coolant warning light and honestly checking all these things competently is not tough.

Tom / April 2, 2015 / Cars