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To Drive a Manual or Automatic Car…

The majority of new luxury cars are either automatic or flappy paddle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that manual is dying out. People love changing gears the old fashioned way but if you had to choose between one and the other which would you decide on? Some people take their driving test in an automatic, restricting them to only being able to drive automatic vehicles, but the majority will go for the manual test, and they’ll then look to buy a manual car. There’s still a big demand for manual vehicles, and not everybody wants a saloon car that’s made for comfort. It’s nice to be able to feel the gears and if we had to choose you can be rest assured we’d opt for manual vehicles, but that’s just... Read More »

Tom / December 14, 2015 / Cars

Oiling a Car

Oil is just as important as petrol, and without it we wouldn’t have a properly functioning petrol or diesel motor. There are many different kinds of email to choose from, and each will vary in terms of thickness. Oil should always be kept at the correct level, and regular oil changes will ensure that you engine is running smoothly. Problems occur when oil is left too long without a change, or left to dip below the ‘min’ and the max’ mark on the dipstick. If you want to keep your car running smoothly then oil should be checked on a regular basis, because it can be the root to numerous other issues and perhaps costly engine repairs.

Tom / November 23, 2015 / Cars

Download the Car Check App today !

Buying a car is a dream for millions. Owning a car not only make commuting and travel experience great, but also said to be a status symbol as well. Cell phone technology has changed the every facet of our life, as well as our automobiles. With these automotives apps, it is easier to keep the check on the vehicle overall maintenance, and simplify our lives, it even saves you from the collision and accidents. Here the list of best automotive apps · A car: is a very easy simple app it helps you manage all your car affairs with the help of user friendly inter face. · Zone walker · MY car fax · Car locator · Gas buddy · Repair Pal · REAL RACING · Witness driving All the... Read More »

Tom / October 2, 2015 / Cars

Are coupe’s the best looking cars available to buy?

Are Coupe’s really cracked up to what people think they are? When you take your car out in a crowd, it is bound to suffer some scratches or dents. You panic when you see such things happening to your car. But not to worry, contact some maintenance firm or auto repairers to get it right. Before going for any such firm, you need to keep in mind their credibility. Check for their certification, you should also compare the price quotes for the same service of different firms. Lost your car keys? If you have lost your keys or broke the key in the car lock, do not try to correct it by yourself. Get a professional help of a locksmith firm in your area. It is always better to be... Read More »

Tom / September 27, 2015 / Cars

Leasing options allows you to drive modern & fancy cars

Leasing options for car is not hiring car on lease for long term usage but it is a kind of financing option to arrange car. It has very much similarity with car loan. At a time when people do not have sufficient cash to buy a car, then they can approach to various financing options available for leasing. Leasing options for buying a car is simpler than having a car loan in many terms like car leasing is inexpensive with low monthly options. One also has to pay depreciation rate for car which is calculated in its whole cost. Majority of lease agreements require very low down payments, several car dealers do not demand the down payments. There is need to pay less amount for sales tax. Different leasing options... Read More »

Tom / June 16, 2015 / Cars