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Car Air Fresheners – Do they really last?

A car can become quite smelly after a time, especially if the owner of that vehicle tends to eat hot food, which is a no no for keeping a new smell in. Takeaways of the spicy variety tend to linger a scent the longest out of all other takeaways and this may cause a drive to go out a purchase an air freshener. Their are a variety of models, smells, shapes and sizes of air fresheners all with their benefits and negatives. The prices of these can also drastically vary from the typical £0.50 cardboard soaked fresheners to that of £3.99 clip on gel systems. The only unfortunate thing about air fresheners is that they don’t tend to last for a long time and users end up complaining the about... Read More »

Tom / January 23, 2015 / Accessories

The Ultimate Winter Car Accessory

The ice, fog and chilling weather is now here, and it may not be going any time soon, and that’s why all drivers should consider investing in heated ice-scraper. You may think, “what’s the point when I can just use my basic scraper, after all it’s ‘done the job over the years”. That may be the case, but you’ll be surprised at how effective heated scrapers are. All you need to do is connect it to your cigarette lighter slot and you get instant heat. It basically means rather than spending a minute or two scraping your windows, you’ll spend seconds, and you’ll really see its advantages when it powers through thick snow. These scrapers are extremely cheap, so before you choose a standard scraper, think about spending a couple... Read More »

admin / November 5, 2014 / Accessories