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Car Air Fresheners – Do they really last?

A car can become quite smelly after a time, especially if the owner of that vehicle tends to eat hot food, which is a no no for keeping a new smell in. Takeaways of the spicy variety tend to linger a scent the longest out of all other takeaways and this may cause a drive to go out a purchase an air freshener.

Their are a variety of models, smells, shapes and sizes of air fresheners all with their benefits and negatives. The prices of these can also drastically vary from the typical £0.50 cardboard soaked fresheners to that of £3.99 clip on gel systems. The only unfortunate thing about air fresheners is that they don’t tend to last for a long time and users end up complaining the about the fact that they’re having to replace them every 2 –3 weeks or so. Spray room air fresheners work just as well and they are much more cost effective.

Tom / January 23, 2015 / Accessories