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A New Volvo Estate

Volvo’s are non for creating larger than life Estate cars. The type of car we used to see in the Scooby-Doo cartoons! Now, it’s time to meet its more practical estate sibling. With the new Volvo V90 being released very soon.

Estates like this are Volvo’s traditional hunting ground, of course. In recent years, though, they’ve not been quite as enormous inside. The car has gone from being able to fit a whole house inside, to comfortably fitting an average-sized family, plus luggage. To really shift your oddly named flat-pack furniture home in comfort, you’ve needed an E-Class estate.

While still smaller inside than the Merc, this V90 is much more like it. But Volvo reckons functionality nowadays is about way more than throwing things into a big boot. It also encompasses connectivity, and the V90 will have plenty of that, Apple CarPlay the most obvious highlight.

Tom / February 20, 2016 / Cars