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New Tyres or New Wheels?

Cars experience wear and tear over time, and there will be general rules about when you should change your tyres depending on the age of the vehicle and the number of miles you have driven. It’s important you adhere to these instructions to make sure you car and the tyres are safe. Sometimes, you may quite obviously need new tyres if you experience a puncture or a slow puncture. If your tyres are gradually losing pressure, monitor them and check they are safe, and replace the tyres if needs be. If your car experiences some further damage to the wheels, these may need to be replaced too. This might be the case if you have been involved in a car accident, or if you have driven into a kerb and... Read More »

Tom / September 20, 2020 / Cars

What are Some of the Different Types of Bearings?

Bearings are components that, in the most simple terms, allow machinery and parts to move more easily. They can move at very fast speeds and take heavy loads, helping to facilitate easy and quick movement. Bearing suppliers can offer you a whole host of different bearing types so that you can find the right ones for your purpose – if the supplier is well known and established in their industry, you can also make sure that you are going to get a quality product that will be genuinely helpful. There are various types of bearing that can be used for different purposes in industry. They are often used in the automotive industry – car wheel bearings help ensure that wheels will turn and work effectively and safely, and there are... Read More »

Tom / July 29, 2020 / Cars

Car Hire and Tyres

When you hire a car, there is a contract between you and the car hire company detailing everything you need to know about that particular hire. So where do the tyres come into it? What is your responsibility, and what is the responsibility of the car hire company? It can be a fine line, as something you would class as general wear and tear or an accident might actually be something that you are held responsible for. The main thing to do is to check your contract thoroughly. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of your obligations, and when you might have to replace a tyre, or when it would be down to the care hire company to do it. If you get the car with a puncture... Read More »

admin / December 22, 2019 / Cars

Checking Tyre Pressure – How Often?

Tyre pressure allows you to drive safely and avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger when making journeys. Low tyre pressure accounts for many crashes, as tyres deflate and will no longer allow a driver to drive safely. Checking tyre pressure could save your life, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Checking the tyre pressure of your car is easy. You can do so at most garages, where you will be able to test the tyre pressure and then refill tyres if you need to at the same time. You can do this free of charge, or for a small fee for the air. Generally you should check your tyre pressure every few weeks at the very least, maybe more for an older vehicle. If it is low, fill it up immediately.... Read More »

admin / September 25, 2019 / Cars

Car Wheel Bearings and Safety

Car safety is the most important factor for any driver. You need to know that the vehicle you are driving is completely safe and road worthy, complete with all safety checks that are needed. You should never take a car on the road that is experiencing problems like unusual noises, loose steering, or crunching sounds when you break. Whilst many of these issues might be cause by a wheel bearing and is easily rectified, it’s important that it is done before you take your car on the road. You should have a complete car health check on a regular basis anyway, and sooner if you have noticed unusual symptoms. You can book in for a service and check outside of your MOTs, and it should be a simple process to... Read More »

admin / June 30, 2019 / Cars

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